Online Graduate Request Forms

The system can be used for a request of Certification of Graduate Student Status, Certification of Graduate Program Completion, or Graduation Approval Pending, only.

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Student’s ID Number :
Student’s Passport Number:
Changing of student’s passport number requires a copy of new passport and
a completion of General Request Form (GS01) to be submitted at the Graduate School.
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- The Online Graduate Request Forms system is for use by students whose ID begins with 48 or above.
- Students must print the Online Graduate Request Forms report in order to pay the fee and receive the requested documents. ***
- Students can check the status of the Online Graduate Request Forms. The status must be reported as “Approved. Students can receive their requested documents” prior to contact officers receiving student’s requested documents.
- Process of receipt of requested documents at The Graduate School:
1. Pay fees
2. Submit present student’s ID card or student’s passport to officers.
- Issuance of online requested documents takes two (2) working days, after the day of document submittal.
- Students can receive online requested documents only on official days (Monday-Friday, 08.30-16.30).
- If students encounter problems or inconveniences, please contact Mr. Passapong at 02-942-8445 Ext. 415 or Mr. Sorawut at 02-942-8445 Ext. 206.